Welcome to the main official WordPress blog for Absurd Axis Network.

We are a multifaceted entertainment project consisting of AweMire Productions, AxiSymph Music, Awplanté, and Archonds Written Media. Our main goal is to give you a safe temporary escape from life’s stresses and worries.

AweMire – http://www.youtube.com/acrosstheechoes ALSO http://www.facebook.com/awemire ALSO http://awemire.wordpress.com ALSO https://vine.co/u/999539792645640192

AxiSymph – http://www.youtube.com/syurichi ALSO http://www.facebook.com/axisymph

Awplanté – http://www.instagram.com/awplante ALSO http://www.facebook.com/aweseegardens

Archonds – https://www.facebook.com/archondswm

Absurd Axis Network – http://www.facebook.com/absurdaxisnetwork ALSO http://www.youtube.com/absurdaxis


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