New Absurd Axis Logo!

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.07.34 PM

There. It’s actually new now. It may look similar, and that’s because I wanted it to basically stay the same, but this is actually a completely new logo, made from scratch again.

It still has the same font (Optima, if you’re curious) and is still an A and an upside-down A connected to form an italicized N (Absurd Axis Network) but, clearly, it has some big differences…

It’s smoothed out. It now looks like a whole, instead of clearly two A’s haphazardly put together into an N. This was something that bothered me about the logo from the very beginning, and now I’ve fixed it. By recreating the entire logo from scratch to figure it out.
It’s also less blocky or whatever. In the old logo, there were lines and light-spots and shading that just didn’t work, as badly as I wanted it to because it kind of looked cool. All that is gone with the new, much smoother logo.

It is much simpler. When I made the original logo, I gave it many features — yellow and blue outlines, a glow, I think maybe a drop shadow, a much more 3D effect than the new logo, and I thought it looked awesome. And at the time, it did. But it was, honestly, too convoluted. The new logo is easier on the eyes and easier to put on things.

It is hypnotic. Being simpler doesn’t mean I just threw it together real quick. It does have cool effects on it, just less of them and in a more subtle way so that it’s scalable. But most importantly, it has a new color. I gave myself many headaches doing research into color psychology and testing my own reactions to colors to find a color that could convey many different things depending on how you see it, but at the same time has absolutely nothing intimidating or unfriendly about it. It can be warm, or it can be cold. It can be beautiful, or it can be dull. It can be calming, or it can be rejuvenanting. It can say “creativity,” or it can say “logic.” It is, inarguably, the absolute perfect shade of cyan-green. It has no official name, so I’m just calling it “the perfect color” for now.

So why this big change? It’s Apple’s third marketing point: If a great product has a shoddy exterior, people will assume the product is shoddy and won’t give it a chance. So I read that, and I looked at our logo, and I thought “I’m done letting this logo look like I put it together in five seconds and threw a bunch of cool effects on it in the hopes that would make it look better. I am fixing it.”

And there you go. A brand new, simpler, smoother, more scalable, more hypnotic, more flexible, and perhaps most importantly, more professional logo.

Thanks for being a fan of Absurd Axis Network!

Here is the Absurd Axis logo through the ages or whatever:

The very first attempt at the logo, back in April of 2013.
Having added effects to the logo to make it look cool, since it looked really lame to begin with.
Having removed the white line, and possibly added even more effects, to make it look even cooler. And it really did look super awesome.
Having experimented with adding our slogan to it so our slogan would get some views.
Having simply darkened the logo to give it more oomph. For whatever reason. (This was actually just before adding the words; I’m not sure why it was posted backwards but I’m too lazy to fix it now).
Having temporarily experimented with changing the color a while ago on January 4th of this year. This color was the closest I could get to perfect before my brain stopped working. I recently picked up on this color and worked on tweaking it even more, to arrive at the current color of our logo.
Having greenscreened the perfect color into our logo, after having found the perfect color. It already looks much better because of how the greenscreening smoothed out most of it, but there are spots that just don’t work. Like, the ends, and the lines of the two A’s. It looks like it needs to go through a car wash.
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.12.55 PM
The brand new Absurd Axis Network logo. Smoothed out, toned down, simplified. But not quite there yet… It needed one little tweak.
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.07.34 PM
The officially new official logo of Absurd Axis Network. Simple. Smooth. More professional looking. Consisting of a color that can basically convey whatever you expect it to convey, but leaves out intimidation and aggression because that’s not what we’re about.

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